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C is For Coffee

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Night Owl Roasters coffee blog!

2014 is the start of many new things at Night Owl. We've revamped our logo and packaging to bring in a fresh, modern look, thanks to the folks at The Beauty Shop. Our website has been totally redesigned, simplifying and smoothing the online ordering process and giving you a better look at who we are and why our coffee is so darned tasty. Check it out: About Us.

We also started a blog. Why? Well, we love coffee. We also love talking. Talking about coffee just came along naturally. Future installments of this column will give brewing and grinding tips, explore regional differences in coffee beans (and how that affects your cup of joe), discuss coffee's health benefits, and talk about the greatness of coffee in general. It will also feature our soon-to-be-rabidly-popular “Ask a Roastmaster” section. Got a question about coffee? Ask it in the comments or email it to media(at) We'll have an answer for you in the next week's blog.

Meet Blake the Roastmaster and our artful Barista Joe at Portland Farmer's Market at Shemanski Park, Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm, January 4 through February 22nd. Thanks for taking a look at our site and supporting small, local businesses. Cheers!


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