Night Owl Coffee Roasters

We're dedicated to giving you the best coffee experience possible. All of our coffees are artisan roasted in small batches to ensure the unique flavor of each bean is perfectly presented and delivered to you at the peak of freshness. Fast Shipping!


We believe consumers should be able to learn where their products come from and what their purchases support.  Night Owl Roasters supports sustainable practices whenever possible. 

Like any industry, coffee production has an environmental impact, and there are trade-offs.  Coffee beans are roasted to a high temperature, which is very energy intensive and produces smoke containing particulates and volatile organic compounds.  Our coffee is roasted with a Diedrich IR-3, which utilizes some of the most energy efficient technology on the market today, and it produces only three to four percent of the NOx gases generated by other roasters.  In addition, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions are  40-60% less than that of conventional roasters. 

Because our annual production is relatively small, we are not required to control our emissions but we have opted to do so to reduce our air quality impact.  We use a catalytic oxidizer to incinerate the smoke and odor generated during the roasting process.  This oxidizing technology is more energy efficient than the conventional thermal process.

We strive to do our part to ensure that the people and the land that produce our beans are taken care of so that we can continue to roast the high quality beans we've come to love.  Visit our shop to find our current Organic, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees.


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